Higher education as the next step in academic and professional pursuits

An increasing number of working professionals and mature age students are returning to education through universities and colleges in order to realise their aspirations, goals, and priorities. If you are one of them then you have come to the right place. Our students cite various reasons like family and work pressures, travel, or life-changing events that have proved to be hurdles in completing higher education. They make a bold attempt to continue their education to explore new academic or professional opportunities, to advance their career, to acquire new skills, or for self interest.

Each higher education option available in the market have their own advantages and disadvantages. Although university courses are considered the best in terms of academic offerings, they carry a heavy price tag. Online courses are convenient and inexpensive but they don’t provide the same experience and networking opportunities of a physical classroom. Through our understanding, we realise that education providers such as Windsor College who offer certificate and diploma courses are the best bet for returning students. Certificate and Diploma courses offer an inexpensive, convenient, and flexible starting point for returning students who want to either try a different field of study, upskill, or test whether they are ready to take on full-time academic courses.

Taking into account the time and financial pressures of returning students, we offer Certificate and Diploma courses that are spread over 52 weeks of part-time classes. Courses in business, leadership and management provide specialised knowledge and training in particular areas of study to equip students with the skills that are relevant to the industry. These courses often provide pathways for further academic pursuits and open up new professional advancement opportunities.

Check out the courses available at Windsor College and enroll to realise your goal!


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