Melbourne, A Metaphor for Diversity

Melbourne, the capital city of the state of Victoria, Australia, stands as a symbol for diversity. It embraces diversity in the truest sense across culture, education, ethnicity, creativity, language, food, and work. It is like a mini version of the world. An exciting part of being an international student in Melbourne is the chance to interact with and learn about diverse sections of the society. Melbourne adds its own unique twist to diversity. Some of the lesser known ways where Melbourne displays diversity on full display are,


Melbourne never ceases to surprise you by its weather. You may be walking around in shorts in the morning like it is summer and yet find yourself shivering in the evening and warming yourself with a coffee like its winter. Overtime, we realise that the only way to predict Melbourne’s weather is to expect the unexpected.


Sports is an integral part of life in Melbourne. You can find almost every popular form of sport being played or hosted here. Footy, tennis, soccer, formula one, motoGP, cricket, rowing, rugby, netball, horseracing and many many more are part of the annual sporting calendar in Melbourne. Some people also refer to Melbourne as the sporting capital of Australia.


Ordering coffee the right way in Melbourne takes a bit of skill, patience, and experience. According to Herald Sun, there are at least 20 different varieties of coffees served in Melbourne. It ranges from classics like the Long Black, Latte and Cappuccino to unique varieties like Flat White, Lungo, Turkish, and Espresso Con Panna.


Melbourne has been renowned for their diversity in education and as an excellent place for international students to study and work. It has some of the highest ranking universities to private colleges focused on imparting practical education. These institutions offer a range of courses including certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, and university degrees.

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