Policies, Procedures & Forms

Please find below a list of Policies and Procedures in place at Windsor College.

The information provided in the Windsor College Policies & Procedures for Students should be read before any decision to enroll is made. At the time of enrollment you must confirm that you have read, understood and agree to comply with all the College’s Policies and Procedures.


Policy Name
Pre - Enrolment Policy and Procedures
Enrolment Policy and Procedures
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policy and Procedures
Refund Policy and Procedures
Transfer Between Registered Providers Policy and Procedures
Completion within the Expected Duration of Study Policy and Procedures - International Students
Credit Transfer Policy and Procedures
Complaints & Appeals Policy and Procedures
Monitoring Course Progress Policy and Procedures - International Students
Deferral, Suspension & Cancellation Policy and Procedures - International Students
Privacy Policy and Procedures
Student Support Policy and Procedures
Assessing Student's Qualifications, Experience and English Language Proficiency



Refund Application Form
Complaints Appeal Form
Credit Transfer Application Form
Deferral or Suspension Application Form - International Students
Request Form
International Student Application Form
Domestic Student Application Form

Other Documents

Document Name
International Student Prospectus
Student Handbook

If you require any clarification regarding the above information, please contact us.