Said No Melburnian Ever!

People often write about typical phrases and expressions that are used in Australia. I agree that they are unique and sometimes amusing but no one seems to write about what Australians don’t say. Since we’re from Melbourne, let’s look at a few amusing expressions that true Melburnians will never say.

  1. I checked the weather forecast today morning. I know exactly what the weather is going to be like today.
  2. Don’t be silly. Those two flavours don’t go together.
  3. Footy rules are very simple and easy to understand. Let me explain it to you.
  4. I’ll go for a quick swim in the Yarra River.
  5. Let’s have instant coffee today. It all tastes the same anyway.
  6. Where can i find an Asian restaurant around here?
  7. All this wine is making me sick.
  8. That drink is not worth $17.95.
  9. I think soccer is a better game than footy.
  10. You can’t have dumplings on a date.
  11. It’s so sunny today. I’ll not carry a pullover and an umbrella.
  12. A pretzel that tastes like coffee and macadamia? I would rather eat them separately.
  13. Dating a barista must be so boring.
  14. Let me go to the train station early today just in case the train arrives early.
  15. Melbourne doesn’t match up to New York in terms of cultural and political diversity. Sydney probably does a better job.

The indecisive weather, punctual public transport, variety of restaurants, and it’s coffee culture make Melbourne one of the best places to live in the world. Windsor College is super excited to welcome you to the city we call home!

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