Students often wonder whether a certificate course or a diploma is the right choice for them. Both these courses have differences in study period and credits earned. Standalone, both certificate and diploma courses bear similarities to associate degree programs but the difference is that they require much less time to complete. A choice can be made between these two courses based on your academic and professional goals. Certificate Courses: A certificate course is a set of education modules in a specific subject. A certificate course often offers a pathway to an academic degree or helps in getting ahead in professional careers. Certificates are usually delivered in four levels i.e Certificate I, II, III, and IV. For example, there are certificate courses in business, leadership and management, and English etc. Sometimes, a certificate is a prerequisite to work in certain technical fields. Certificates can be obtained in colleges offering technical education or at universities. Diploma Courses: Diplomas provide more in-depth instruction in a particular subject. They are similar to Certificate Courses but are usually offered by colleges providing technical and further education courses. Diplomas are usually offered in two levels i.e Diploma and Advanced Diploma. For example, a diploma of business is provided as an alternative or as a pathway to associate degrees and bachelor's degrees. Such programs are offered by institutions like Windsor College that provide training through speciality programs. Check out the certificate and diploma courses offered by Windsor College and step closer to obtaining your dream job!
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