Do you feel lost in the job market after completing your education? Do you feel that you didn’t learn real life skills in college? You are not alone. A majority of students passing out of higher education institutes feel the same way. But why?

Some years ago, obtaining knowledge about a subject was enough to land a job but now, in an ever changing and competitive job market, industry relevant skills are prerequisites to obtaining your dream job. Educational institutions still play a critical role in imparting knowledge and skills to students. Most institutions deliver outdated curriculum which may not be completely relevant in today’s context. The needs of the industry change rapidly and students need to be equipped with skills and knowledge that make them employable.

We feel that the best approach to education is to put learning into practice. We believe in actively involving the students in the process of learning. This practical way of thought enables an informed and professional approach towards work and eventually leads to better judgements by students. Learning how to apply technical knowledge and handling professional situations appropriately provides a distinct advantage to students in the job market and helps in developing a complete and holistic personality.

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