Finding employment and internships in a new country can be a daunting task but it is not impossible. Planning and perseverance is important to landing your first job in Australia. Based on student insights from our college we have identified some pointers to help ease your effort of finding employment in Australia.


  1. Identify companies and businesses that you want to work at
  2. Research the skills required to succeed in that position
  3. Prepare a resume with relevant experience that matches the positions that you are applying for
  4. Prepare a customised cover letter for every application and clearly mention the skills that you bring to the table and what you hope to achieve out of the employment
  5. Send a cold email requesting for an internship or part-time employment to the email id registered on the websites
  6. Send a friendly follow-up email to know the status of your application
  7. If there are no email ids then try reaching out through the following ways
    1. Walk-in to the company and give your resume. If possible, request to talk to the manager or person in charge of recruitment.
    2. Call the phone number listed on the website
    3. Reach out through friends or contacts to explore connections
    4. Research potential connections on LinkedIn and request a meeting with them to discuss career opportunities
    5. Check job listing websites and apply through their portal
  8. Always follow up every meeting with an email
  9. Prepare for potential questions that can be asked in interviews
  10. After finding a job, update your position on LinkedIn and your resume


The task of finding a job is a full-time job by itself. It requires determination and effort. Push yourself to attain your dream job and you will be able to get it!

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