A common problem that international students face while applying for courses in Australian higher education institutions is that they do not meet the entry requirements. A quick remedy for this is to complete a short course to meet prerequisites for admission for their desired course. Depending on their academic qualifications, work experience, and English proficiency, pathway courses can range from a short English language course to a one-year intensive course in a particular subject. Since the completion of these short course provide a pathway to a higher education degree, they are called as education pathways.


Private colleges, technical and further education institutions (TAFE), vocational education and training institutions (VET), schools, and universities provide pathway courses across a wide variety of subjects. These pathways can potentially enable a student to gain admission to bachelors or masters degree programs at universities. The advantages of education pathway courses need not be restricted to fulfilling admission entry requirements. They also provide opportunities for students from one discipline to study courses other disciplines. Students undertake such courses either to test their interest in the subject or as an additional skill that will help them at their workplace.


Factors such as length of study, fees, subject, pathway opportunities, institution partnerships, visa requirements, city, and class frequency should be considered while choosing an institution for short study courses. Private colleges such as Windsor College in Melbourne, offer 26-52 week industry leading courses in English , business, leadership and management. Such colleges are a great option for students considering to study for a year.

To learn more about the courses available at Windsor College, log on to http://www.windsorcollege.edu.au/

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