My name is Jennifer and I’m from Colombia.

Throughout my life, I had never had the opportunity to travel outside of my country, but from one moment to the next, life rewarded me, allowing me to come to study in Australia, and I am getting the opportunity to meet incredible places and wonderful people.

My experience in Australia began with the completion of an English course, and now I am studying a diploma in leadership and management at Windsor College.

My experience at Windsor College has been enriching, as it has helped me increase my knowledge for my professional development, and in turn has helped me grow as a person.

Every time we are in class, we can feel safe and comfortable thanks to the trust and support our teacher give us. Also, we have the opportunity to make friends from different parts of the world, learning different cultures and sharing our experiences.

Windsor College offers all students a friendly environment, constant support from all administrative and educational staffs, it is gratifying to know that you are not only part of an institution as a student, but you are also part of a family far from home.