My name is Jihye Jeon from South Korea, and I am studying Diploma of Leadership and Management at Windsor College.

When I was in Korea, I had my own small business. Sometimes I had many difficulties so
have decided to study business course abroad. Windsor College is located in the heart of
Melbourne city and has international reputation of the business courses. I heard that there
are experienced and professional trainers and a lot of international students. This is why I
chose Windsor college.

First when I started to study in Australia, I was surprised with the atmosphere of the class.
Students are active, energetic, and really enjoy asking questions to trainer. Trainers are also
open-minded and willing to answer the questions and discuss them with the students. I used
to just listen to the teachers or professors in Korea, this experience is new and amazing for

The building of College is new, clean and tidy. All equipments are in a good condition and
very easy to use. The staffs are so kind as well. They listen to any problems and difficulties
students have and help students as friends.

There was a small party for last Christmas at Windsor. The staffs of college prepared food,
drinks and exciting games for students. It was really fun and enjoyable and we had a great
time. I’m waiting for next Christmas party as well.

I would recommend Windsor College to anyone who wants to study business course in
Australia. It is a good chance and will be a good experience for you. Thank you.