My name is Mai from Japan. I recently completed Certificate ??? EAL at Windsor college.

Before I moved to Melbourne, I was running an organic cafe for 7 years in my hometown.

During that time, I visited Sweden, Germany and other countries several times to learn about their food, and sustainable lifestyle. Of course they have own language but we communicated English most of the time.

At that time, I was getting used to be in an English environment, but sometimes I felt a bit frustrated when I couldn’t express my feelings or thoughts in English. I think many people can understand this feeling. The spirit and humanity of people grow by having various experiences .


When I was searching for an English course, my agent recommended Windsor college and he told me how nice their teachers are. As he said, I’m lucky to meet a passionate teacher here. She gives us not only technics to use English, but also good advices to learn new things. She taught us learning is not hard task, if you try to enjoy it. If you don’t feel comfortable in the classroom, our blain just stops learning and improving. Relaxing makes our blain flexible, she said. It was a moment I could feel that I would be having a good time as a student at Windsor.


In addition, their Support Officer has helped me a lot. The most important thing is the environment of a trusting relationship, I think. I am having such a good time at Windsor college with their extremely supportive teachers and staffs.


In our class, I also made some friends who have different background. To explore new cultures and get to know people from all around the world have inspired me a lot.


Windsor college has given me an opportunity to learn many things and can be a pace maker for my English study. I also believe that you become more capable by using a foreign language no matter how old you are. My parents always told me humans are creature and we all have to keep learning through our lifetime. Actually they are learning a new language and they are over 60s. Better late than never!


You can do it, but you have to have desire to learn it. The important thing is to be honest with yourself. There are many people who can help and support you at Windsor.