Studying in Australia comes with a huge range or options and providers which can often lead students to questions what option is the best for me?

Depending on what you want to study, there are 3 main types of education provider in Australia which offer Certificate and Diploma courses.



TAFE (Technical and Further Education) are government owned institutions which provide courses designed to give students the skills needed by employers), so you will graduate ready for employment.


Private College

Qualifications offered by Private College’s are from the same National Training Packages that TAFE use, however Private College’s qualifications have been designed through detailed industry consultation processes to ensure graduates are gaining the specific competencies required by industry.

Private Colleges, such as Windsor are usually smaller than universities and TAFE’s ,and specialise in a particular fields.

As Private College’s focuses on key fields of study, you will be surrounded by a smaller community of students who most likely share the same interests as you. Private College’s also provides a more personalised education experience — where you may find that it is easier to settle in and make friends, rather than getting lost in the crowd.


If you’re still trying to determine the best option for you, get in contact with Windsor College on +61 3 9663 0272!

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