Commitment and Contribution to the training of Australian employees

Training Benchmark B

What is Training Benchmark B?

Training Benchmark B involves employer sponsors making a contribution of at least 1% of gross business payroll (for the last 12 months) towards the training for employees who are Australian citizens and permanent residents, in order to meet their Sponsorship Obligations.
Windsor College will work with you to determine the most applicable / relevant courses for your industry and employee’s.

What We Offer

Large Course Selection

Windsor College provides a large course selection relevant to Business and Hospitality. For more information on our available courses, please download our course listing below.

Auditable Training Plan

Windsor College provides all organisations with an Auditable Training Plan, detailing exactly what the our training covers. Auditable Training plans include duration, cost, course overview and learning outcomes
Hospitality & Tourism Courses – Download Here

Business & Finance Courses – Download Here

All Available Courses – Download Here
For more information on Windsor College’s Training Benchmark B program, please contact us on 03 9663 0272 or email us with your enquiry at