If you are considering travelling to Australia to study you will have come across the term OSHC more than once during your search. Overseas Students Health Cover or OSHC, is basically a health insurance cover for international students who are in Australia for the purpose of study. Since international students are not eligible to be covered under Medicare, the public health insurance by the Australian Government, OSHC covers the medical, hospital, and a limited amount of pharmaceutical and ambulance expenses an international student might encounter during their stay in Australia. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection mandates that if you hold either a student visa or a bridging visa you must maintain an OSHC for the entire duration of your stay at Australia under those visas.

OSHC can be purchased either by contacting the insurance companies directly or through your educational institution. As a student, you reserve the right to choose the insurance provider of your choice.

Some of the insurance providers who offer OSHC plans are,

  • NIB
  • Allianz Global Assistance
  • Medibank Private
  • Australian Health Management
  • BUPA Australia

Compare the OSHC plans from different insurance providers to choose the plan that is appropriate for you. The premium for the OSHC may differ from case to case. You retain the option of migrating from one insurance provider to the other at any time subject to some processing fees.

In case you have to pay for any medical treatment, depending on your insurance provider and plan, you may have to incur the expenses and then claim the amount from the insurance provider or you can direct the unpaid account to the insurance company itself.

Each insurance provider has their own waiting periods, restrictions, offers, inclusions, and exclusions. For clarifications on the details of the insurance plan please visit the websites of the insurance providers.

To learn more about studying in Australia please visit www.windsorcollege.edu.au

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